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Afterwards, Saada descended from the peak using a hang glider.
The topography of Wales in general, and the south east in particular, makes it an ideal location for anyone with a yearning to fly hang gliders, paragliders or sailplanes.
The key to it all, be it a hang glider or microlight, is the distinctive wing.
Most hang gliders at the park Saturday were preparing to fly or were already in the sky when the crash occurred near the base of the San Gabriel Mountains, Greblo said.
A NASA project for a spacecraft recovery system served as the inspiration for modern-day hang gliders, which emerged in the 1960s.
Sobang in North Korea includes gliders, hang gliders, paragliders and hot air balloons.
It's not like hang gliders with the rigid frame, it just fits into your rucksack.
Little did they know that years later, near that same location, thousands of kids would be completing their own solo flights, skimming through the air aboard hang gliders.
The first time she saw hang gliders soaring off the sand dunes, Robin O'Connell knew she had to try it.
What is it about rock climbers and theirkindred risk-takers--sky divers, hang gliders, drag racers and the like--that sets them apart from the average person?
Steep hills and favorable thermals have made it a popular spot for hang gliders, and you can watch them soar almost every weekend, weather permitting.
His highly trained crew rigs custom hot air balloons, hang gliders, parasails, ultra lights, hydroplanes, land rovers and submarines with special cameras to capture the action from every angle.
Hang gliders and bent trees show wind can influence approach shots at Torrey Pines South, which will be the site of the 2008 U.
While para gliders are easy to fly and simple to carry and transport, hang gliders can fly much further and much faster; top-of-the-range hang gliders can fly up to 100 miles anhour.
Paragliders and hang gliders launch themselves from hillsides slung below an aerodynamic wing steered by body movements.