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Cutlery & Handtool Manufacturing Industry report, published annually, contains timely and accurate industry statistics, forecasts and demographics.
The newly published Power-Driven Handtool Manufacturing Industry report provides the latest market research on the industry.
Tommy's Deals is another section on the site, this time dedicated to bestsellers and deals of the week and is categorised by handtools, powertools, workwear and materials.
Categories covered include a history of the company that includes handtools, pistols, revolvers, patents, never-before-seen archival materials, and ephemera.
Steven Wilkes, 30, Stuart Slater, 26, Stacey Ritchie, 22 and Nick Tann, 20, all from Redcar, have swapped headsets for handtools since leaving the OC5 call centre at Wilton International site last September.
The majority of the research to date has focused on whole-body vibration, seated posture and hand-arm vibration while using handtools.
The technique can be applied to most any type of potential hazard found in the workplace including containers that hold various liquids, handtools, forktucks, all types of machinery, and even entrance and exit doors.
He took with him dozens of handtools given by North Wales people for use in workshops.
Instead, expendable items such as drill bits, work gloves, safety glasses, and a limited number of handtools now are available in a vending machine in their work area.
ONE lucky reader can walk away with a brand new patio and a set of handtools, worth pounds 500, courtesy of Tarmac TopPave and Wilkinson Sword.
Other common machinery produced by this segment includes scales and balances, power-driven handtools, elevators, escalators, and moving walkways.
Fine handtools crafted delicate tusks and floppy, wrinkled elephant ears into heavy white molds.
6 billion in sales with 21,800 employees, but when using only power-driven handtools are counted, they had $1.
Sandvik Saws and Tools - Manufacturer of handsaws and metalsaw blades as well as handtools including wrenches, spanners, pliers, files, and pruning tools largely for professional use.
And she prefers handtools because they allow her to carve at her own rhythm without the disrupting sound and speed of power tools.