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a hand-held mobile radiotelephone for use in an area divided into small sections, each with its own short-range transmitter/receiver

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It's strange that it did not make any noise like a normal aircraft," he said, adding that he regretted not being able to take a picture of the object with his handphone as it was out of battery.
The main tenants are hypermarket and the buyers of kiosks are smaller traders such as garment, accessories, handphone, electronic shops.
Kuala Lumpur, February 27 (ANI): A Malaysian teenager schemed with her two friends to break into her own house to clear a debt stemming from downloading pornographic clips on her handphone.
In a bid to attract subscriber, Indosat signed cooperation with Nokia and C\BCA in August, 2004 to provide facility for installments for BCA Card holders to buy CDMA Nokia handphone and at the same time will have Star One Postpaid card.
74 billion due to the withdrawal of Xiaolingtong, or personal handphone system, reports the China Daily.
When she peeked outside, she was shocked to find her neighbour holding up his handphone and recording her through the bathroom window grill.
There are smaller prizes including TV sets and handphone.
Kuala Lumpur, Dec 1 (ANI): Mobile phone salesmen in Malaysia have found a rather erotic way to boost their sales- buy a handphone and get free downloads of pornographic videos.
0 Source: P3I (Media Scene) data processed Table-3 Advertisement spending by brands of product, 1999-2000 (Rp million) Brand/ Ads spending products 1999 Clear anti ketombe-Shampoo 84,300 Sunsilk (Shampoo) 75,030 Kelompok kerja visi bangsa 59,703 Pepsodent - Toothpaste 45,686 Panitia Pemilihan Indonesia 35,739 Rinso - Powder detergent 29,739 Indosat 27,541 Lifebuoy - Bath soap 24,010 Djarum Super - Cigarette 23,388 Sunsilk anti ketombe-Shampoo 22,843 Nokia - GSM handphone 22,710 Close Up - Toothpaste 21,614 Lux - Bath soap 21,469 H & S anti Daandruff - Shampoo 21,166 MC Donald's - fast food 20,618 Extra Joss - Isotonic drink 18,989 Pall Mall - White cigarette 18,845 Sampoerna A Mild - Cigarette 17,503 Mextril - Cought tablet 16,679 Mr.
The chef later realised his handphone was missing from the pocket and also heard loud noises that sounded like a fight outside the room.
The concept of mobile recharge handphone is a purchase transaction system and activation of auto reload pulse by using SMS facility in client cellular hand phones.
Today, many of our customers carry a pager and a handphone in addition to a two-way radio.
Two months before the Miss World Singapore pageant, Low was sentenced to 24 months' probation for using illegally obtained credit cards to purchase jewellery and a handphone and dining at posh restaurants, running a bill close to 8,000 dollars.
When the two decided to get engaged, Lam claims, the man said that he would be sending over a parcel of presents from Britain, including an engagement ring, a gold wrist watch, a gold necklace for her and her mother, a camera handphone and some clothes.
On the other hand, the airtime rate in the case of calls made from handphone to handphone has been raised by 23% from Rp 1,220 per minute to Rp 1,500.