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a bushy droopy mustache

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Big name actors like David Niven, pictured below opted for a clean-cut look, rejecting the over-styling of handlebar moustaches, instead, opting for smaller, perfectly preened looks.
Italian Fulvio Franchi took top honours in the Handlebar moustache category, whilst another foreign competitor Matt Brown from Australian out-gunned his rivals in the Beard Freestyle moustache category.
Also running will be Gordon Nichol, also from Jarrow, who will don the team's Biggles attire of a flying helmet, handlebar moustache, pipe and white scarf to stand out from the crowd.
In an extra show of support for Anthony, from Nottingham, he's growing a copycat handlebar moustache for their adventure.
Fereydoun Hassanpour's Address and Javad Ardakani's Handlebar Moustache have been among the award-winners of the festival's previous editions.
I particularly enjoyed the octogenarian chef with the handlebar moustache who showed Ramsay how to make a very different kind of biryani (rice topped with whole goats stuffed with chickens, quails and eggs) and got seriously grouchy when people weren't working fast enough.
As standards improved, especially with the advent of specialists like Peter O'Sullevan, Glendenning's plummy style became as old-fashioned as his distinctive appearance; he wore large horn-rimmed glasses and a luxuriant handlebar moustache.
Greeting carriage riders at the Moyer House was concertina player Charlie Meckel of Eugene, who sported an authentic handlebar moustache.
Even hairstylist Danilo, with his opulent handlebar moustache, managed to sneak a quick cameo.
Reaching for a spiral, a man with a handlebar moustache talks about the films of Kieslowski.
Set somewhere in the contemporary Canadian Northwest - although Snidley Whiplash, played broader than a range of Rockies by the usually reliable Alfred Molina, still wears the black stovepipe and handlebar moustache of a Victorian villain - the story has something to do with a fake gold rush that, of course, leads to an influx of greedy Americans.
And Mark, who sports a handlebar moustache, already has a name for it - Weird Beard.
Basically a woman-repellent" - Actor Cillian Murphy's (pictured) description of a handlebar moustache he grew for a new film.
The hearing was told Mr Horton - known for his distinctive handlebar moustache - did everything he could to get another job after leaving the Brains pub.
The hearing was told Mr Horton, known for his distinctive handlebar moustache, did everything he could to get another job after leaving the Brains pub.