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Synonyms for accessibility

Synonyms for accessibility

the quality of being at hand when needed

the attribute of being easy to meet or deal with

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Richard Senier, Wheeler Memorial Library trustee, said a handicapped-accessible parking lot is needed at the Moore-Leland Library in North Orange.
Michelle and her mom are getting around town these days in a 2003 handicapped-accessible minivan they bought recently for $30,400 from Advanced Mobility Works, a Van Nuys dealership that sells only handicapped-accessible vans.
He said consolidating the libraries would be less expensive than making each one, and Town Hall, handicapped-accessible
United has continued its leadership role by adding features on its airplanes such as handicapped-accessible lavatories, and by sponsoring the "Access to the Skies" conference, which looks for ways to make air travel more accessible for people with disabilities.
PETERSHAM - By an almost 2-to-1 margin, voters yesterday said they did not want their taxes to go up so the town's offices could be made handicapped-accessible.
Inside the museum is the handicapped-accessible, multimedia, interactive new exhibit ``Dogs: Wolf, Myth, Hero & Friend
The one-story building is handicapped-accessible and has a glazed-block exterior that is graffiti-resistant.
Later, the company will be involved with the replacement of tracks, the renovation of steel columns and girders, improvements to track geometry, the installation of handicapped-accessible elevators, and the renovation of the station.
These include sinks that Bermudez's wheelchair can roll under, a shower with a small ramp, lowered light switches, raised electrical plugs, front controls on the oven to allow Bermudez to reach them as he works to gain more ability to use his arms and a handicapped-accessible toilet with heavy-duty grab bars.