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a space where an automobile can be parked


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Because most or all of the handicapped spaces are taken up by drivers and their passengers who clearly have no disability or handicap that would prevent them from having to walk an extra 50 feet.
The woman proceeded to tell me how tired she was of having to explain her presently "invisible disability" to people to justify her need to park in a handicapped space.
Parking and access: Curbside with limited off-street parking, including handicapped space.
Cotto uses a wheelchair and had mistakenly parked in a handicapped space reserved for the Odd Fellows Lofts.
Many of us witness the abuse of handicapped space parking by able-bodied people, and now the bureaucratic Strickland wants to continue the drunken spending in Sacramento to implement new perks and more regulations.
A middle-aged woman who parked a black Lexus in a handicapped space on the street, and who then proceeded to walk steadily and quickly along the sidewalk remarked, "I don't think it's anybody's business," as she walked past without giving her name.
Fines for parking in a posted tow zone or within 10 feet of a hydrant will increase from $20 to $50; for parking in a fire lane or a handicapped space, from $20 to $200.
When you see a person who looks healthy get out of a car in the handicapped space, try to understand that there may be an "invisible" component, like heart or lung disease, involved.
If the person on that photograph was not presently occupying the vehicle parked within a handicapped space, a police officer should cite the driver and confiscate the placard.
Conrad was backing his car out of a handicapped space at the Bank of America branch in Sylmar when it plowed through plate-glass windows and pinned 1-year-old Nathaniel Escodero on a couch, killing him.
The driver, Val Conrad, who renewed his license just six days ago, was backing out of a handicapped space at the bank about 11 a.
Parking in an unposted handicapped space (it was raining and the parking lot being slick with water, any marking on the asphalt was unreadable).
This tanned, athletic-looking young guy walks out of a bank in Calabasas and gets into his car parked in a handicapped space.
Illegally taking a handicapped space is right up there with stealing a blind man's cane.
For the 11th consecutive year, officers from the secretary of state police will patrol the parking lots at Woodfield, as well as Oakbrook Center and the Chicago Premium Outlets in Aurora, looking for vehicles that donEt belong in handicapped spaces.