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a space where an automobile can be parked


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Handicapped parking spaces can be for people with mobility impairments, so (public entities) would want to make sure such people are able to get to and from their parking space.
Former student Carla Redding filed the lawsuit in June 2011, alleging that she suffered serious injuries when she fell and struck her head in July 2009 after stepping into a 6-inch-deep hole next to her handicapped parking space.
They said "You have parked in a designated handicapped parking space without a visible sticker.
The ADA has established that every facility covered by Title III (that provides parking for the public) have at least one handicapped parking space.
But others will chase ultimate success with-out hesitation or distraction, dumping their car in the handicapped parking space outside the supermarket if it means they can get to the check-out till before anyone else.
Lee Damron, 48, got into a dispute with Richard Cavalier, 59, over a handicapped parking space in front of a hospital in Spring Hill, Fla.
Participants with such plates had permission from their respective states (and handicap organizations) to temporarily "take over" one handicapped parking space per lot by covering the existing "Reserved Parking" sign with a PAD slipcover sign.
Also, replication of the frequency of non-visible disabilities among legitimate handicapped parking space users would support the need for public education regarding the legal use of handicapped parking permits by individuals with non-visible disabilities.
The parking lot is in very poor condition, with several potholes, and there is no striping or designated handicapped parking space.
I told them why I might be walking funny, or having trouble holding a pen, or just be using a handicapped parking space on a particular day when I looked fine," she said.
In no place is this moral dichotomy between the little lady and me more apparent than in the sometimes seemingly never-ending search for a handicapped parking space when we're out and about.
HOTEL heiress Paris Hilton has angered residents in a posh apartment complex by using a handicapped parking space every time she turns up.
The fine for parking in a handicapped parking space without a permit is Dh1,000 and four black points.
If you can stand for several hours at your place of employment without falling down, or if you can take leisurely walks during your day, you do not deserve to park in a handicapped parking space.
Hinson has been the assigned police officer to the precinct for 10 years, and he said the move has been excellent, notably the improved parking, with more handicapped parking spaces available.