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a space where an automobile can be parked


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Also, replication of the frequency of non-visible disabilities among legitimate handicapped parking space users would support the need for public education regarding the legal use of handicapped parking permits by individuals with non-visible disabilities.
Suddenly, a large sedan cuts in front of you and comes to a stop in one of the empty handicapped parking spots near the entrance.
Yes, officer, I've got that handicapped parking permit because I'm logorexic.
They said "You have parked in a designated handicapped parking space without a visible sticker.
In no place is this moral dichotomy between the little lady and me more apparent than in the sometimes seemingly never-ending search for a handicapped parking space when we're out and about.
Witnesses said the vehicle had a handicapped parking sticker.
Through creating highly targeted, content-rich, and authoritative retail sites, the company provides specific solutions to specific problems, such as providing handicapped parking placards.
The car had a handicapped parking sticker, reports say.
HOTEL heiress Paris Hilton has angered residents in a posh apartment complex by using a handicapped parking space every time she turns up.
Part 4, which relates a frustrating if wryly amusing story about handicapped parking places on private property, includes an insightful analysis of the complexities of enforcing Title III of the ADA: the lack of direction of responsibility leaves everyone-police, mayor's office, government officials--unsure and unwilling to ensure this code is followed.
Both parking lots, located in the aqua and gold quadrants, are free and offer handicapped parking.
Any small business owner, property manager, corporate or individual buyer, can select and purchase the correct, legally compliant California or National handicapped parking signs they need.
Former student Carla Redding filed the lawsuit in June 2011, alleging that she suffered serious injuries when she fell and struck her head in July 2009 after stepping into a 6-inch-deep hole next to her handicapped parking space.
It has been an absolute revelation to see what has been happening to me because I have temporary access to a handicapped parking card for my car.
utilizing handicapped parking, attitudinal changes regarding disability).