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a person who has some condition that markedly restricts their ability to function physically or mentally or socially

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Amjad Insari and others lauded the role of those handicapped persons spending respectable life through their self support without depending upon others.
The "Handicap Organisationernes Hus" of the "Dansk Handicap organisation" in Hoje-Taastrup in Copenhagen, the new headquarters of the umbrella organisation of 32 associations for handicapped persons in Denmark, is an excellent example of the design of buildings, in which people can move and work freely - irrespective of their disability.
Summary: JEDDAH: Handicapped persons in Saudi Arabia still suffer in terms of marriage and in many other areas of life, said Dr.
DOHA THE total number of handicapped persons (both physically and mentally challenged) in Qatar has more than doubled in the last six years, according to Best Buddies, a non-profit organisation committed to integrate people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs) into the social mainstream by providing them mutually educational one-toone friendship and job opportunities.
The deputy has urged both the Ombudsman and the Committee for the Protection of Mentally Handicapped Persons to intervene in the matter.
Family and Population Minister Mushira Khattab said that the Government would refer to the People's Assembly (the LowerHouse of the Parliament) a bill for defending the rights of the nation's seven million handicapped persons.
Currently, lack of such programs has forced many handicapped persons to take small jobs for a living and medication costs.
Roukema had been employed at the Rhode Island Association for Handicapped Persons in Woonsocket for 20 years, retiring in 1992.
Dr Nawaf Kabara of the Arab Handicapped Persons Organization emphasized Tunisia's relevant philosophy based on combining efforts to protect people with specific needs, help them transcend their handicap and win the bet of employment.
In the same vein, the revised draft also cut the ceiling of burial payment for policies insuring insane or mentally handicapped persons to half the level of the deductible amount for burial cost for inheritance tax, or NT$555,000 at the current level, except cases covered by other laws, such as student insurance program.
Special parking is available for elderly and handicapped persons.
NSSF was a key supporter of the New York bill and provided assistance in assuring the bill would not inadvertently prevent hunting in the field by handicapped persons through the use of technology.
50 years ago Coventry City Council decided that its existing scheme of concessionary travel on Corporation buses for old age and other pensioners, though illegal, shall continue while action is taken by the Corporation to promote a Parliamentary Bill to provide for concessionary travel facilities for old age pensioners, blind and handicapped persons and children and young persons.
If we are sincere in wanting to help handicapped persons to
Indiana requires physicians who care for handicapped persons to report that condition to the state board of health.