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an electronic device that generates a digital representation of an image for data input to a computer

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The HandHeld scanner has also proven to be extremely reliable, operating for nine years in difficult conditions with virtually no downtime.
An inexpensive, handheld scanner that could be used to seek out tuberculosis patients in remote locations could be used to identify infected people early, in time to start drug treatment or, at the very least, to prevent the disease from spreading.
A convenient computer application is the handheld scanner.
DENSO ADC, the Americas sales arm of DENSO Wave Incorporated, inventor of the QR Code[R], launched a new and more versatile AT20-Q handheld scanner, which offers high-speed scanning of both 2-D barcodes, such as the QR Code, as well as conventional 1-D barcodes.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of handheld scanner.
SAN DIEGO, June 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- XYZprinting, the manufacturer of the world's most affordable consumer grade 3D printers, today announced the company's first 3D scanner, XYZ Handheld Scanner, to be made available in the market later this year.
The new small and compact mobile device was developed following the success of the BI-300 advanced handheld scanner.
A rugged, 15-inch diagonal, flat-panel touch screen monitor and heavy-duty cash drawer also are available, along with a durable, lightweight handheld scanner with a hands-free stand.
Allen uses a handheld scanner to read the bar code on their student ID card or keys in their identification number.
RSA Security took a handheld scanner around London and found that 63% of the networks surveyed were left on the default configuration which identified the company and where the data was coming from.
The real-time 3D actioner from Knowledge Adventure features a powerful handheld scanner which lets players collect and trade barcodes.
Flying Null's invention, the FN Tag, is a tiny magnetic tag only a few centimetres long which can store a wealth of information that can be read at distance using a simple handheld scanner.
When users take the lid off, the PetiScan becomes a handheld scanner to scan posters, artwork on a wall, a tree, or nearly anything imaginable.
The SG20 family further enhances Intermec's complete channel-focused handheld scanner product portfolio by delivering the highest level of productivity, device reliability and uptime for customers in scan-intensive environments.
OTC: SCKT), a provider of innovative mobile barcode scanning and handheld device products, announced today the availability of their CHS 8Qi cordless handheld scanner.