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a grenade designed to be thrown by hand

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In a separate incident, two people were killed and five injured after some unidentified people fired handgrenades near a hotel.
A LIVE handgrenade was unearthed just below the surface of a back garden yesterday.
Two years ago she went to Thailand to help a large company safeguard their stores after a disgruntled former employee put a trip-wired handgrenade in the large megastore and blew up a security guard and injured several shoppers.
He said that 12 kg explosive material, four AK47, 67 pistols, 29 rifles,1,263 bullets, 35 chargers, one handgrenade, four mortars, , 88 liters liquor and 24.
Upon trying to escape, the suspect was fired at by police in response to which he hurled a handgrenade, injuring one police constable named Shahid.
One unionist MP, who did not wish to be named, described the conclusion of unlawful killings as "a handgrenade with the pin pulled out which is about to be tossed into the lap of the PPS".
A similar concept to GTA, with a wide-open city to explore and many missions to complete, Saints' Row is a stunning game to look at, from the high-level of character customisation to the incredible physics engine that will fling city dwellers from pillar to post depending on whether you use a handgrenade or old-fashioned car bonnet to progress.
MARDAN -- Two police constables sustained injuries in a handgrenade attack at MardanSwabi in the limits of Par Hoti Police Station late Saturday, police said.
A membership camp in the Orangi Town number five was attacked with a handgrenade.
Nature of the blast could not be confirmed immediately; however, eyewitnesses said two persons riding a motorbike hurled a handgrenade which landed near the building where passengers were waiting for buses and vans for travel to Karachi and other cities.
I've arrived at work to hear yet another colleague has committed suicide or gone off the rails in spectacular fashion, like leaving a live handgrenade on a superintendent's desk with a goodbye note.
In a statement here, the Minister strongly condemned the handgrenade and firing attack on the innocent people of Lyari taking more than one dozen human lives including women and children.
And where were they on November 20 when Gallas lobbed his verbal handgrenade, describing his team-mates as a shower of pampered, clique-ridden bottlers?
One of their favourite games involves the handgrenade.
The next night a handgrenade exploded in the rear garden of Griffin's home - as the suspect and his daughter were seated nearby.