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a prolific British baroque composer (born in Germany) remembered best for his oratorio Messiah (1685-1759)

the music of Handel

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Mythological particulars aside, it's a fairly typical Handelian love quadrangle, its twists and turns balanced by the fairly straightforward love of Agilea's and Egeo's confidants.
Rihll's penultimate professional appearance was in Wolseley Charles' sketch, Handelian Oratorio, performed at the Queen's Theatre, London, on 4 May 1930, in a cast which included Davy Burnaby, Leslie Henson, Stanley Holloway, and the faithful Cynthia Cooper (Wearing 1990, 1: 44; Era, 7 May 1930: 6).
However, recent years have witnessed an international re-emergence of Baroque opera, which has led to revivals of Handelian operas such as `Guilio Cesare,' `Rinaldo,' `Rodelinda' and `Semele.
And if the plot became the template for the typical Handelian confusion of matched and mismatched romantic pairings, the mind just as quickly sorts out who belongs to whom; and if, too, the final acts plot twist--involving a shipwreck, a locket and an infant lost at sea--takes only the operas characters by surprise, the audience can easily enjoy the giddy, improbable silliness of it all.
Prejudice against the publishing firm of John Walsh in Handelian circles has a history dating to Sir John Hawkins, but that does not mean that if continues to be warranted.
The theme was laid out in the best Handelian style but thereafter all was completely Brahmsian, beautifully shaped and romantic, with well-planned contrasts between successive variations, scintillating octaves, crisp rhythms, and a wide range of tone colours and dynamics.
She skipped lightly over the Handelian rhythms and gave a delightful performance in the delicate air "O liberty, thy choicest treasure", accompanied by just harpsichord and cello - a nice contrast to the rather contrabass-heavy scorings used almost everywhere else.
On the other hand, one should not be a nit-picker and one of those people who have lost the chance to pursue an active musical career and so turned to criticising--as the star of this album once described Czech music critics in a television documentary some years ago--and there is no reason not to let go and be carried along in the Handelian flow created by the brilliant combination of Magda Kozena and the terrific musicians from Venice (the strings are especially spellbinding).
The sonatas, apart from Opus 1, were innovatory being modelled on those of Rameau (1683-1784)--thus departing from the favoured Handelian style--and later copied by other northern composers.
In a Handelian move, solos are reassigned to different voice types.
She achieved a reputation throughout Yorkshire for her interpretation of Handelian oratorio.
I have found myself reaching for it to provide information for footnotes, to remind myself of the location and contents of a half-remembered article, or to review the scope of literature on various Handelian topics.
Bass She-nyang, the latest Garibaldo, was no match match for die Met's first, john Relyea; but Relyea's Canadian compatriot Joseph Kaiser, as the conflicted villain, Grimoaldo, was easily the superior of his Met predecessor: hill-toned, fully embodied, with a handsome stage presence and a technique that, if not exactly to the Handelian manner born, did ample justice to this notable prize among the composers tenor roles.
Paul's, on 19 July, his improvisations may have had a Handelian flavor" (p.
They delivered Handelian character in "All we like sheep" and the female voices impressed with their coloratura in this difficult chorus.