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a prolific British baroque composer (born in Germany) remembered best for his oratorio Messiah (1685-1759)

the music of Handel

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His critiques of several notable opera productions will not suit the post-modern relativists, but will, I suspect, strike a chord with anyone who knows anything about Handel.
According to CNN, Ossoff had called Handel to congratulate her for the victory.
Karen Handel will partner with President Donald Trump to make America safe and prosperous again," Pence told GOP donors last week.
Previous writings about Handel were concerned not only with factual accuracy but also imagery, import, and meaning.
Handel was an outsider who settled in London in his twenties, following his employer who became King George I.
El Mesias de Handel siempre sera una obra emblematica que sanara los corazones, y
Tamerlano is Handel at his most effective and passionate.
Handel became known as an exquisite melodist, instrumentalist, and lyricist in all chambers, from the palace rooms of the aristocracy, the larger rooms of the upper classes, the smaller rooms of the emerging middle classes, to the grand new concert halls and theatres of the popular masses.
During the 49 years that he lived, worked and performed in London, the composer George Frideric Handel was one of Georgian Britain's most public characters.
THE Archbishop of York is to make his radio presenting debut tomorrow for a "special" on the music of Handel.
The play by Joseph O'Connor is being staged as part of the Temple Bar Cultural Trust's Dublin Handel Festival which runs from April 13 to April 19.
Since 1985 the world of Handel scholarship has expanded prodigiously: closed archives have become available; lost documents have been found; there is greater knowledge about his compositions; and his importance in the history of music has been recognised.
The Worcester Chorus and the Master Singers of Worcester have a good Handel on the holidays.
BASF Coatings Services GmbH will be taking over major parts of the company Autolacke Handel GmbH in Vosendorf, Austria.