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a stone tool with a cutting edge


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Gibson and Jessee suggest that the conjunction of brain size and handaxe technology argues for a modest communicative ability, confined to events, objects, or actions in the immediate environment, which are known to both speaker and viewer.
Modern experiments have shown that a stone handaxe will cut through animal hide as easily as a steel knife will, hence the stone blade became man's constant companion in the search for food until metal blades were developed.
She comments: In Germany and France there appears to be two separate handaxe traditions, with clear boundaries, indicating completely separate, independent developments.
One piece is a fragment that is consistent with the broken tip of a cleaver-like handaxe (Figure 8a).
Combined with the fact that faconnaoee (form-shaping, or Mode 2)--the technique of lithic reduction commonly associated with the production of handaxes in the western European LP--is a common feature of the Middle Palaeolithic in this region (Bosinski 1967; Joris 2006), this results in substantial uncertainty even in establishing the relative chronostratigraphic position of artefacts found on the surface during field surveys.
palaeomagnetic, radiocarbon and luminescence) employed to date the handaxe occurrences, including Chongok-ri, the key site in the basin, have resulted in middle Middle Pleistocene to late Late Pleistocene ages, indicating various periods of hominid activity.
What we suggest is that analysing handaxe symmetry from a design theory viewpoint can be much more insightful.
In his contribution to the Antiquity debate over the viability of Kohn and Mithen's 'Sexy Handaxe Theory' (1999), Hodgson (2009: 195-8) asserts that 'symmetry is not connected with health and thus cannot have served as a sign of genetic worth'.
Here we found an unfinished triangular flint handaxe (E 5109) matching Prestwich's description, with a small label (Figure 4) with the words 'St Acheul, Amiens.
It is splendid that Gamble and Kruszynski have been able to locate the very handaxe that Prestwich and Evans were able to photograph in situ in the gravel pit at St Acheul.
In reply to Machin's criticism of Kohn and Mithen's (1999) 'Sexy Handaxe Theory' in a recent Antiquity debate (Machin 2008: 761-6), Mithen (2008: 766-9) states that sexual selection is still relevant to the symmetry of Acheulean handaxes because this provides the only theory that can account for the various features typical of such artefacts.
Simple backdrops and video projections, photographs of various sizes, maps, reconstruction paintings of early humans, and several sharp model handaxes to pick up, all helped to explain the exhibits and the project's research.
Evidence of their activity at these sites comes in the form of hundreds of stone tools, including handaxes.