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a puppet with a cloth body and hollow head

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1 surround sound speaker system, copy of The Beaver on Blu-ray plus a limited edition Beaver hand-puppet.
THE STORY A troubled husband (Gibson) starts to use a beaver hand-puppet as his way of communicating with his family and the rest of the world.
London, Dec 6 (ANI): Months after his vicious custody war with former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, Mel Gibson is preparing to relaunch his career by playing a man who befriends a hand-puppet beaver after suffering a breakdown.
THE PERSUASIONISTS BBC Two Wales, 10pm Adam and Joe have come a long way since they found fame putting hand-puppets in lewd positions and giggling a lot.
The full-size Bungle the Bear outfit and original Zippy and George hand-puppets are part of a TV toy memorabilia sale, which also features Thunderbird puppets.
And although four of the latest flock of parent-reared birds were set free far from the 13 already in the wild, the 13 reared by humans wearing condor hand-puppets sought out their compadres within four weeks - three months earlier than expected.
But while the men are hand-puppets to be taken out of, and put away in, a toybox as required, Natasha is played throughout by actress/puppeteer Catherine Boot.
Whether English audiences will get the jokes delivered by two camp Kelvinsiders over their afternoon tea or the hand-puppets speaking a curious Gaelic-like language remains to be seen.
The cast also includes two hand-puppets, Rudolf and Mouse.
So it seems even celebrity hand-puppets aren't above the lure of having the odd nip and tuck.