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the act of supporting yourself by your hands alone in an upside down position

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Take your baby by the hand, And make her do a high hand stand.
He was so worked up, he cooled off by getting into a hand stand on the dining room table and doing a series of handstand push-ups.
A Jackson's habit has been explained as a device to make his hand stand out more while performing.
It is also the first public event in Blundell Works, which has been set up as an independent cultural unit by a consortium including the owners of the Everyman Bistro and Hand Stand in Hope Street.
The price for the FX auction rate on the other hand stands at 7.
He also admitted he wants one of the show's guest judges, Geri Halliwell, to do hand stands for him, after his team mate Ben Shephard said she was good at them.
In gymnastics we are learning how to do hand stands, forward rolls and cartwheels it is open to both boys girls.
Even in primary school I could never see the point of hand stands or rounders but there was no choice - we all had to do sport of some description until our school days were over.