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grasping and shaking a person's hand (as to acknowledge an introduction or to agree on a contract)

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Youth views on hand shaking In the opinion of some Yemeni youth, hand shaking is just a sign of respect.
We made the runoff and now we've got to get out there and do some tough walking, hand shaking and campaigning, and tell the people why experience is necessary and needed,'' he said.
One day onstage during his solo, "I Want to Be Ready," in Ailey's Revelations he saw his hand shaking and it frightened him.
If Montgomery could have stopped his hand shaking like a windbreaker on Clacton beach when throwing for a double then the Cougar wouldn't have made it to last 16.
Listerine PocketPaks([R])Breath Strips, Purell([R]) Instant Hand Sanitizer and Rembrandt([R]) mint-flavored Whitening Strips were hot with all celebrity and media attendees for use in between their numerous rounds of hand shaking and interviews.
I am not a person who goes in for hand shaking, no I have not yet (shaken Mr Adams's hand).
HELPING HAND Shaking on it with some of the homeless
There was too much hand shaking for my liking but the choir (I sat directly behind them in one of those arched cubicles usually occupied by either royalty or, at the least, a High Commissioner) was a joy as was the preacher, speaking from the pulpit.
Fergie needs a hand shaking off the pounds - so she gave her personal fitness instructor Josh Salzman a warm greeting when she went for a workout yesterday.