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grasping and shaking a person's hand (as to acknowledge an introduction or to agree on a contract)

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At one time statesmen, politicians or businessmen would greet one another with a simple hand shake.
When the Scot reached out to accept his hand shake, Wise punchedhim, fracturing his cheekbone.
Don't be afraid to extend a warm greeting and hand shake.
In the case of the Palmcorder, LSI Logic supplied the microchips that gave the camcorder its central feature: "digital image stabilization," or the ability to maintain a stable image, should the photographer's hand shake.
They have been given three options that is either take Golden Hand Shake, go to the provinces or come in the Surplus Pool.
So instead, the deal that could eventually cost Cardiff pounds 550,000 was clinched hours before their weekend victory over Cheltenham by a hand shake between Hammam and Gordon.
Mr Clinton also greeted both men with an enthusiastic hand shake.
I'm not an advocate of pre-game hand shakes but both Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra did the right thing when it came to getting on with it, and overall the clubs can say they did everything they could.
Meanwhile, Tommy's mother is experiencing some strange symptoms: her hand shakes, she stumbles often, and her vision is blurred.
It's an unfortunate fact of today's society in North America that we tend more toward contracts than we do hand shakes.
We watch the baby kissings, the cultured smile, the enthusiastic hand shakes and feel nothing, say nothing against this charade.
YOU wrote about Parkinson's and I've noticed my right hand shakes when I put it out to pick up something, and sometimes it even shakes when I put it in my pocket.
Hand shakes of Turkish President and Saudi Minister