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The study suggests there may be an advantage to having consistent hand preference as an infant.
Participants chose between 5- and 25-s reinforcer schedules in both parts of the session, with the 25-s reinforcer presented on the side opposite their hand preference so that a preponderance of choices on that side would more plausibly be attributable to the schedule than to position preference.
To date, despite the attention given to hand preference in some aspects of the empirical literature, issues concerning laterality have infrequently been discussed in the areas of the applied clinical work and rehabilitation.
Earlier hand preference (handedness) would indicate a problem with the opposite arm and hand.
Pilot work suggested that a major hindrance to establishing schedule control was a preference for the side corresponding to the subject's stated hand preference.
They pointed out that for the patients who had bilateral involvement of their HFM, the side most affected was uniformly predictive of hand preference.
Hand preference usually doesn't emerge until about 18 months, so if your child does not use both hands equally when he or she is younger than 18 months, you should mention this to your child's doctor.
Because hand preference likely has a prenatal origin, the analysis supports the idea that sexual orientation also has early neurobiological roots, says Kenneth J.
Each animal is tested daily for about two years, and we have never seen an animal reverse this hand preference.
Primatologists have established that wild chimp communities display a variety of hand preferences.
Utilize the running backs coach by having him teach the receivers basics such as properly securing the ball, hand preferences, and various cuts in the same terms used with the backs.
Golden shows that elite schools routinely hand preferences to athletes; to the children of faculty, celebrities, and politicians; to "development cases" whose fabulously wealthy parents offer hefty donations up front; and, above all, to the offspring of alumni.
Vazquez says fabric hand preferences vary according to fiber type, fabric construction and geographical region.