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a machine that is operated by the insertion of a coin in a slot

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Rhyl must win at bottom club Bala, the side immediately below them at the foot of the table,if they are to make the two games in hand pay off.
MORTON manager John McCormack last night told his players to make their games in hand pay as they bid to overtake leaders East Fife.
With Aston Villa topping the First Division table, Dalglish's men desperately needed to make their games in hand pay.
Hafner's Geode collection on the other hand pays ode to the beauty of geodes, the hollow, spheroidal rocks bearing crystals and other precious or semi-precious stones.
There has of course been much Hand of God talk and any Argentinian player to score with his hand pays 50-1 with Hill and any away player is 12-1 with Betfred to be carded for a handball offence.
EZ Pay is another tool to manage gaming operations for greater player satisfaction and increased profitability by reducing the down time from hand pays and fills.