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Ian Graham, prosecuting, said: "After something of a dispute in a pub this defendant armed himself with a hand gun and shot three members of the Doherty family.
We were called to an incident in Russells Hall Road, Dudley, where trained West Midlands Police negotiators, supported by armed officers, negotiated with a man armed with a hand gun, who had locked himself in a house," she said.
The machine gun, a hand gun and six kilos of what is thought to be heroin were recovered after a raid at a house in Field Lane,Litherland, yesterday.
25am on Saturday and threatened a 31year-old security guard with a hand gun and knife.
One of the gang, who hasn't been caught, pointed a hand gun at her and demanded the keys.
Thomas Cleary is accused of using a hand gun to injure Patrick, Martin and Albert Doherty at an illegal camp in East Howdon, near Wallsend.
POLICE have used a Taser to stun a man believed to be armed with a hand gun, who refused to come out of a caravan following a domestic incident.
18am on Wednesday when a man entered the shop and threatened staff and a customer with a hand gun.
Two men, one armed with a hand gun, jumped on a staff member opening Stanley Racing in Ballybane Shopping Centre, Galway, at 10.
With the vast number of recent shootings in the nation's large cities -- especially those involving children -- hand gun control remains a major issue.
OTC BB: SCTUD) Monday announced its decision to cease further development of hand gun accessories, and its withdrawal from the product category as it believes it encourages violence to young children.
A PLUCKY shopkeeper chased away two teenagers who tried to rob his Warwickshire store with a knife and a hand gun.
Later, a man was stopped by two youths who again pointed a hand gun and demanded cash.
30pm on October 23 police were contacted by CCTV operators who said a man was waving a hand gun outside a kebab shop in Brunswick Road.
30am after the men were seen entering a house in Rosalind Avenue, Bebi ngton, with a hand gun.