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Irish patriot and a founder of the Sinn Fein (1865-1953)


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The hand cannon went on to be replaced by the matchlock, which eventually had a trigger, as did the wheellock and other firearm designs that followed it.
Some 1,000 small arms are profiled from around the world and across history in The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Small Arms From Hand Cannons to Automatic Weapons, with good-sized color illustrations accompany historical discussions of weapons development and their unique brands and attributes.
Most of us will never have access to the types of exotic hardware Stan has had his hands on, but with his Guide to Extreme Iron: An Illustrated Reference to Some of the World's Most Powerful Weapons, from Hand Cannons to Field Artillery, he's given us armchair aficionados the next best thing.
More than just a collection of handgun photographs, "Guns" also provides a succinctly presented historical background into the history of handguns from early Chinese hand cannons to the high-tech weapons of the 21st Century.
While there have been a number of big-bore revolvers for some time, the most recent battle of the hand cannons began two years ago with the introduction of the Smith & Wesson Model 500.
22 rifles, Berettas, Glocks, Walther PPKs as favoured by James Bond, and enormous Dirty Harry-style hand cannons.
Bear Mountain Fire Tower's fire fighting theme is complete with hand cannons, hoses, buckets, escape chutes and ladders.
In addition to concealable hand cannons, Bond Arms also offers a variety of model-specific holsters cut, formed and stitched from premium leather.