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Norwegian writer of novels (1859-1952)

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Hamsun followed this with a series of lectures attacking such idols as Henrik Ibsen and Leo Tolstoy.
For more on Miller and Hamsun see Chapter 1 of, Indrek Manniste, Henry Miller, the Inhuman Artist: A Philosophical Inquiry (New York: Bloomsbury, 2013).
Yehoshua, su hermano once anos mayor, llevaba a casa algunas traducciones al yiddish de Tolstoi, Dostoievski, Turgueniev, Knut Hamsun y Mark Twain.
Yet, like his similarly problematic contemporaries Pound and Celine, Hamsun demands reckoning, not only for his highly influential early work but for what his life and political choices--and our responses to them--reveal about the role accorded to the artist in our post-Romantic culture.
Serving as case studies are the four novelists Knut Hamsun from Norway, James Joyce from Ireland, Naguibe Mahfouz from Egypt, and Tayeb Salif from Sudan: two countries where individuation is accepted fully in society and two in which it is not.
The book was an early triumph for Norway's most famous, and infamous, author Knut Hamsun.
Cioran, Knut Hamsun, Maria Tsvetaeva, among others--whom you call the "dear departed.
Ezra Pound, Knut Hamsun, Curzio Malaparte, and even Gottfried Benn (whose "Answer to the Literary Emigrants" [1933] remains the most eloquent excuse for political blindness ever written) have long been embraced by the literary canon.
Andre Gide compared him to Dostoevsky but thought Hamsun was "perhaps even more subtle" than the Russian master.
The correspondence between the Norwegian Alexander Kielland and the Danish Drewsen family can be read as a drama about human passions in the lives of two married couples; the Danish novelist Henrik Pontoppidan's letters to various Scandinavian fellow-writers reflect literary and cultural history in the making; Knut Hamsun's dislike of most countries, including his native Norway, is obvious from his many prolonged stays in his favourite Denmark (Copenhagen had been instrumental in launching Hamsun on the literary scene).
Directed, written by M, Giese, based on the novel by Knut Hamsun.
And in Norway, the 1920 Nobel Prize-winning novelist Knut Hamsun was an unwavering supporter of Hitler.
I begin the line at Aristophanes, including the Dostoyevsky of Notes From Underground, the Hamsun of Hunger, the Beckett of Malone Dies, and end with Donald Barthelme, Barry Hannah's incomparable Ray and Thomas McGuane's seriously undervalued Panama.
Hunger Novel by Hamsun, Knut, published in 1890 as Sult.
Desde los margenes del fiordo, autores tan queridos y estudiados en sus libros por Magris como Ibsen o Hamsun, como Bjornson, Jacobsen y Strindberg, se lanzan a poner de cabeza todo el sobrio edificio heredado de la estricta parroquia luterana.