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Norwegian writer of novels (1859-1952)

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Hamsun didn't write maritime novels, but some of his so-called Nordland novels, which take place north of the Polar Circle, are about little ports where sea and ships and trade play a big role, and where sailors are always cosmopolitans--the "baddies"--because Knut Hamsun was very much attached to the soil and to traditions and, as we all know, tragically ended up having Nazi sympathies as well.
HUNGER | KNUT HAMS UN, TRANSLATED FROM THE NORWEGIAN BY ROBERT BLY (1967): Widely considered a classic of modern European literature, this powerful character study by Nobel Prize laureate Knut Hamsun details an unnamed artist's descent into poverty and madness.
These include the Herning Museum of Contemporary Art in Denmark (AR October 2009) and Knut Hamsun Center in Norway (AR September 2009).
In one noteworthy case, he publicly rebuked the Norwegians for celebrating the anniversary of their national writer, Knut Hamsun, who had sympathized with the Nazis.
POTTBECKERS, Jorg, Stumme Sprache: Innerer Monolog und erzahlerischer Diskurs in Knut Hamsuns fruhen Romanen im Kontext von Dostojewski, Schnitzler und Joyce / Mute Language: Interior Monologue and Narrative Discourse in Knut Hamsun's Early Novels in the Context of Dostoevsky, Schnitzler, and Joyce, Lang (Frankfurt), 310.
Chagall consciously drew upon the influences of the avant-garde of early 20th century Paris: Expressionism, Fauvism, Cubism, Abstraction, and Surrealism, while Bashevis-Singer was influenced by modern authors such as Knut Hamsun and Edgar Allan Poe.
In Tropic of Cancer, Miller--whose first forays into the novel, Moloch, or This Gentile World and Crazy Cock (both published posthumously), employ a stilted third-person perspective that borrows heavily from such European luminaries as Hamsun, Dostoevski, and Strindberg--ostensibly collapses the boundaries between his life and the life of his protagonist, Henry Miller.
with the spirit of Hamsun, towards the end one is reminded of the
Thus, critics have compared him to those other great purveyors of pessimism, the playwright and painter August Strindberg and the novelist Knut Hamsun.
Also, the Hamsun discovery announced in 2004, in which Marathon holds a 65 percent interest, is being examined as another potential tie-back to Alvheim.
Favourite film or book: Favourite book is Hunger by Knut Hamsun, and my favourite film is Kind Hearts and Coronets.
There is Munch in painting, Grieg in Music, Hamsun in prose and Ibsen in Theatre.
Frantically I grabbed whatever came to hand in my father's bookcases: Till Eulenspiegel in Shlonsky's translation, the Arabian Nights translated by Rivlin, the books of Israel Zarchi, Mendele Mocher Sforim, Sholem Aleichem, Kafka, Berdyczewski, Rahel's poetry, Balzac, Hamsun, Yigal Mossensohn, Feierberg, Natan Shaham, Gnessin, Brenner, Hazaz, even Mr.
JN: You also try to focus some attention on "unjustly forgotten writers": you mention Bunin, Hamsun, and Robbe-Grillet.