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short-tailed Old World burrowing rodent with large cheek pouches

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Then, they observed how long it took the hamsters to restart their daily habit of running on a wheel.
The initial sample was to include only Syrian hamsters and guinea pigs, but these species were destroyed by the owner when LCMV was found in the Ohio facility.
These newcomers bring our total number of hamsters to 15.
Lead researcher Dr Emily Bethell, from LJMU, said: "This study shows that hamsters housed in enriched environments make more optimistic judgments about otherwise ambiguous information.
Lisa Stewart's hamster survived having a pail of water toppled over his cage during cleaning and was promptly renamed Flash.
Hamsters are naturally nocturnal and are active through the night
My hamster, Hammy, has weeping eyes, a runny nose and seems to be sneezing/hiccupping.
Improving the habitat of the common hamster, by testing promising farming practices under real-life conditions so that the right habitat is provided in space and over time;
The hamsters exposed to night light had a reduced number of so-called dendrite spines on the surface of cells in this region.
The lout then reached for the second hamster and threatened to slit its throat before Jemma paid him pounds 5 and fled with her surviving pet.
Clearly something had happened to at least one of the hamsters.
In experiments, scientists fed hamsters high-fat rations.
They fell into the business by accident about a year ago, when their two pet hamsters started a family.
In a new study, scientists tested the effects of jet lag on hamsters--which might seem strange, since we don't usually think of hamsters as world travelers.
FORTY years after his death, tribute is being paid to music legend Jimi Hendrix during the latest tour from The Hamsters.