squirrel cage

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cage with a cylindrical framework that rotates as a small animal runs inside it

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The human hamster wheel was built for an act that featured on ITV's Britain's Got Talent and will now be on full show in Birmingham city centre.
We are running around that hamster wheel just trying to stand still.
The man was walking on the wheel, which looked like a giant hamster wheel.
All they need is a human-size hamster wheel in the gym, wired up to a generator and let the fitness fanatics take turns to make all the electricity.
They like to run on the hamster wheel and get lots o exercise playing in the hamster ball.
Zhu Zhu Pets accessories include: Hamster funhouse, Hamster wheel, Hamster-car and garage, slide with ramp, Adventure ball, Surfboard and wagon, Skateboard and U-turn, Pet bed and blanket and Pet carrier and blanket.
Their premier issue is dedicated to the innocuous circle, circumstanced through a variety of graphic mediums, including a human-sized sod hamster wheel, a tongue-in-cheek circular diagram about hair color and an interview with Stan, the creator of the square-wheeled bicycle.
More and more of us are getting off the hamster wheel and moving into the sun.
Designed by Michael Gasselli, the hamster wheel and a half-wheel used as a seesaw deserve special mention for their sculptural beauty.
And hopefully, at curtain's end, they won't be pestering mom and dad to purchase a compartment-layered staircase or a giant hamster wheel allowing them to duplicate the Diavolo feats.
THEY climbed as high as Everest, ran a marathon inside a giant hamster wheel and rowed as far as France and back.
He spent several days inside a box in Broadgate and ran seven marathons in seven days in a hamster wheel.
inktank Science Garden has lots of exciting and inventive exhibits, including an eight metre-high clanging Terminus machine and a humansized hamster wheel that has a top speed of 30 revolutions per minute.
We are on a hamster wheel of earn and spend to keep up with this cycle that doesn't allow for growth," says Bosch.
It was rotated, through a series of cogs and pulleys, by an 8ft-tall hamster wheel.