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an oppressively hot southerly wind from the Sahara that blows across Egypt in the spring

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It's a 100-plus degrees, and the country is in the middle of the dry and dusty wind--a sharav in Hebrew and a hamsin in Arabic--that permeates everything, making movement nearly impossible.
Tulya's disappeared, she wept, and the neighbours said that a cat was run over here before and I'm afraid that it was him, and I whispered, calm down, it must have been another cat, Tulya never strays far from home, and she cried, I have a feeling that it was him, he always waits for me in the evening, and I said, but Tulya hardly ever leaves the house, and she said, I left the kitchen window open, because there was still a hamsin this morning, I didn't think he would go out, why should he have gone out, what did he lack at home.
1953 in Belgrade) published seven books prior to the release of Severni zid: the short-story collections Pogresan pokret (One False Move; 1983) and Staklena basta (Greenhouse; 1985), the essay volumes Yu-Tlantida (1993) and Deponija (Trash Heap; 1994), and the novels Via Pula (1988), Astragan (Astrakhan Fur; 1991), and Hamsin (1993).