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Synonyms for Hampshire

a county of southern England on the English Channel

British breed of hornless dark-faced domestic sheep

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Her first stop in the three-part series is Marlow in Bucking- hamshire, where she faces apathy from the council and mums on the school run.
Knowledgeably compiled and deftly co-edited by Sarah-Marie Belcastro (Co-Director, Hamshire College Summer Studies in mathematics and Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Smith College) and Carolyn Yackel (Mathematics Instructor, Mercer University), "Making Mathematics With Needlework: Ten Papers And Ten Projects" is unique in that it combines mathematics papers with fiber arts project instructions.
CREW: T Fowler (2), P Anderson (4), R Hamshire (4), S Rice (10), J Boyle (1), P Kelly (1), D Kelly (1).
Table 2 Cases Addressing the Applicability of the Various Approaches to Value in Billboard Condemnation New Hamshire NH Supreme Court State of New Hampshire (1995) v.
Statistics confirm Wanderers' ability to extract results on their travels - the Bucking - hamshire outfit have picked up 35 (49.
88 [pounds sterling] Midlands Waitress SE Newark Asda Notting- Crawley SELECTION OF LINES hamshire W Sussex Danone Actimel, 4-pack 1.
Her business aspirations, however, were soon derailed by the attentions of an MIT physics professor who owned a 100-acre farm in East Rindge, New Hamshire.
Grimes declared, hardly and clearly, "Charlie came home on furlough to Lebanon, New Hamshire, spent a month with me, and we had a real peaceful and happy time together, until the last week.
The Public Offering was underwritten by Hamshire Securities Corporation and, Internationally, by Clal Capital Markets (International) B.