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a channel in southeastern Virginia through which the Elizabeth River and the James River flow into Chesapeake Bay

a naval battle of the American Civil War (1862)

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Heritage Bankshares, located in Hampton Roads, VA, is the holding company for its wholly owned subsidiary, Heritage Bank, which engages in general community and commercial banking business, targeting the needs of small- to medium-sized businesses and professional corporations.
Caption: An early aerial photograph of the NAS Hampton Roads, Va.
Military bases in the area of Hampton Roads, VA are familiar destinations to AA&E drivers and therefore are chosen to illustrate the chart below.
The resulting program, known as "Groceries for Going Green," rewards commuters in the Hampton Roads, Va.
The project will start in three Coast Guard sectors--Delaware Bay, near Philadelphia; Hampton Roads, Va.
The Armed Services YMCA (ASYMCA), Hampton Roads, Va.
The contractors will provide design/ build for construction, renovation, alternation, and repairs of government facilities in the Hampton Roads, VA, area.
Clark-Whitehill Enterprises, a large, professional property management firm, is offering its residents in Hampton Roads, Va.
A lawfully armed citizen utilized his concealed handgun to kill an armed robber during a liquor store holdup in South Hampton Roads, Va.
Waltz had held an identical title at the Daily Press in Hampton Roads, Va.
Other communities scheduled to hold "Y2K Community Conversations" include Hampton Roads, Va.
LifeNet Health has facilities in Hampton Roads, Va.
The National Urban League and Wells Fargo will host forums in Phoenix, Chicago, Minneapolis and in the Hampton Roads, VA area.
Naval Aviation pioneer Eugene Ely's historic 1910 flight from the deck of USS Birmingham (CL 2)--the first time an aircraft took off from the deck of a ship--was commemorated at Hampton Roads, Va.
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