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a channel in southeastern Virginia through which the Elizabeth River and the James River flow into Chesapeake Bay

a naval battle of the American Civil War (1862)

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OTCQX: HBKS), the holding company for Heritage Bank in Hampton Roads, VA, has qualified to trade on the OTCQX Best Marketplace.
is an innovative small business headquartered in Wakefield, MA with offices in Burlington, MA, Colorado Springs, CO, Hampton Roads, VA, Oklahoma City, OK, San Antonio, TX, San Diego, CA, and Washington, DC.
is an innovative small business headquartered in Wakefield, MA, with offices in Washington, DC, Hampton Roads, VA, Colorado Springs, CO, and San Diego, CA.
TempusOne will enable us to standardize best business practices across all our facilities," said Laishy Williams-Carlson, Chief Information Officer, Bon Secours Hampton Roads, VA.
In order to quantify the impact of the software, Cox Communications Hampton Roads, VA facility conducted a 60-day study following the activities of 25 field service employees equipped with ruggedized laptops, multiple wireless data network coverage, and TotalRoam software clients.
Lingerfelt CommonWealth Partners, headquartered in Richmond, VA, is a vertically integrated, full service real estate investment management firm with additional offices in Nashville TN, Jacksonville FL, Tampa FL, Greensboro, NC and Hampton Roads, VA.
Waltz had held an identical title at the Daily Press in Hampton Roads, Va.
Other communities scheduled to hold "Y2K Community Conversations" include Hampton Roads, Va.
The metropolitan area of South Hampton Roads, VA, has resulted in a mature traffic base.
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