Hampshire down

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British breed of hornless dark-faced domestic sheep

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Evaluacion de la sobrevivencia, caracteristicas de crecimiento, peso de la canal y punto GR en corderos pesados Corriedale puros y cruza Texel, Hampshire Down, Southdown y Suffolk.
Foram utilizados 17 cordeiros castrados, com idade aproximada de 120 dias, divididos em tres grupos, sendo seis mesticos Texel x Hampshire Down, seis mesticos Texel x Ile de France e cinco mesticos Texel x Suffolk.
Lowland reserve supreme was the Hampshire Down leader from Jenny Borsey, St Asaph, and handled by son-in-law Martin Sivill.
A remarkable achievement this year was in the sheep section, where Hampshire Down breeder Eirlys Jones and her family completed a hugely successful season in which they gained an amazing 13 breed championships, 10 inter breed championships and, with a group of three from her Maesglas flock, achieved 11 breed championships, five interbreed championships and three reserve interbreed championships.
A total of 16 breeds plus crosses will be represented, the numbers being: 1844 Texel, 1333 Suffolk, 700 Bluefaced Leicester, 343 Charollais, 194 Beltex, 176 Lleyn, 83 Border Leicester, 66 North Country Cheviot and 162 pedigree sheep from the Berrichon, Blue Texel, Dutch Texel, Hampshire Down, Oxford Down, Poll Dorset, Roussin, South Down and Vendeen varieties.
AUGUST: 11-year-old Philip Short (top) prepares Alice, his Hampshire Down sheep, for showing at Emley Show; Joanne Wood (left) and Kelly Byrnes, who evacuated residents at Sun Woodhouse Care Home, Fartown when fire broke out; yobs (above) move towards a patrol car in the Asda car park on Huddersfield's infamous night of riots.
Just missing out in this section were Jenny Borsey and Martin Savill, St Asaph, with their Hampshire Down shearling ram Heston, named after the chef.
That set-piece came about after Stranraer keeper Michael McGovern saved Callaghan's spot-kick which was awarded when Jenkins brought Hampshire down.
Ian Brown brought striker Steven Hampshire down in the box.
Both these finishes came in tournaments where all the best players on the planet were serious triers, so it seems safe to assume that golf US-style suits the 23-year-old from Hampshire down to the ground.
Hampshire Down, Mr and Mrs CJ Parkinson, South Yorks.
And the winning individual was a Hampshire Down ewe from Eirlys, Barry and Stuart Jones.
COMMERCIAL producers in the North East are benefiting from genetic progress in the Hampshire Down breed, which is helping improve both lamb performance and flock returns.
JUST AS GOOD AS THE BAA-BERS: Philip Short, 11, preparing Alice, his Hampshire Down sheep Pictures by Paul Welch (PW060811Aemley-13) Purchase: www.
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