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a county of southern England on the English Channel

British breed of hornless dark-faced domestic sheep

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TRANSPORT INFRASTRUCTURE service group, Stenoak Aviation Services plc (Stenoak), has been awarded a 9 million [pounds sterling] (US$** million) contract to improve the airside infrastructure of Farnborough Airport in Hampshire, UK.
A KLM Royal Dutch Airlines aircraft was directed to fly into a military exclusion zone by air traffic controllers at the Swanwick control centre in Hampshire, UK on 19 June 2002.
Four Seasons Hotels Inc, a Canada-based company that manages 80 luxury hotels and resorts in 30 countries, has announced a romantic offer from Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire, in Hampshire, UK.
This Home Office event takes place at FIVE, Farnborough, Hampshire, UK, from 11-13 March 2014.
The Contracting Authority requires the appointment of an experienced contractor to undertake electrical maintenance and associated repairs and minor improvement works at its sites in Winchester and Andover, Hampshire, UK.
Hook, Hampshire, UK -- Hook, Hampshire, UK - Interactive 3D enabling technology specialist, Superscape plc and US-based Cybiko Wireless Inc.
Unit 15, Bordon Trading Estate Bordon, Hampshire, UK GU35 9HH Tel: +44 8708 50 90 50 Fax: +44 8708 50 90 60 Email: sales@bowers.
An air traffic controller at the GBP623m Swanwick air traffic control centre in Hampshire, UK, reportedly sent a Glasgow aircraft to Cardiff after misreading small computer text on the system's display.
Hook, Hampshire, UK, July 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Interactive 3D enabling technology specialist, Superscape, announces that its 3D animated version of the classic chess game designed for the PocketPC - Chesscapade - is now available from the Handango web site (http://www.
Britain's National Air Traffic Services (NATS) has announced plans to modify the GBP623m air traffic control system at the Swanwick centre in Hampshire, UK.
Hook, Hampshire, UK -- Hook, Hampshire, UK, March 5 /PRNewswire/ -- - Exclusive contract delivers Swerve to world's largest mobile gaming community
Nimbus operates from its head office in Hampshire, UK, and has offices in mainland Europe the United States and China.