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a county of southern England on the English Channel

British breed of hornless dark-faced domestic sheep

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The story opens as 11-year-old Martine Allen narrowly escapes from her burning home in Hampshire, England only to learn that her parents have both perished in the conflagration.
His great-great-great-great nephew, Captain Christopher Tarleton Fagan, 70, yesterday told the Daily Post the time had come to sell the flags, previously preserved in air-tight frames and hung in Capt Fagan's home in Hampshire, England.
Neither IT Power of Hampshire, England, nor Blue Energy Canada of Vancouver, British Columbia, has progressed beyond theoretical work and small-scale testing, but both claim that the technology will be ecologically and economically sound.
Centurion maintains two facilities in Hampshire, England.
Permanent Press, Hampshire, England, distributed in the USA by Chelsea Green Publishing Co.
Segensworth, East Fareham, Hampshire, England PO15 5TT)
of Hampshire, England, has announced the launch of its new international training division, which will provide training to the security industry worldwide.
David Shipman, 63, film historian, in Hampshire, England
Colt International, New Lane, Havant, Hampshire, England +44 (0)1705 451111 Fax: +44 (0) 1705 454220
MINNEAPOLIS & HAMPSHIRE, England -- Logic PD, global product development and embedded computing provider, and Roke Manor Research, a telecommunications research & development specialist, today announced a strategic partnership.
A similar incident was reported in March 2017, when an RAF Chinook helicopter came eerily close to colliding with a drone that was flying in its path, as it attempted to land at the RAF Odiham airbase in Hampshire, England.
Marketing for Entrepreneurs is a private company based in Hampshire, England.
Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire, England, will deliver pain au chocolat, tomato soup with warm garlic bread or other choices to the property's stables or creekside.
In the final at the Rose Bowl in Hampshire, England beat Australia by 16 runs to win the tournament.
Miss Dean, from Hampshire, England, was just nine weeks old when the liner sank with the loss of more than 1,500 lives in 1912.
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