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a county of southern England on the English Channel

British breed of hornless dark-faced domestic sheep

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As soon as the candidates leave New Hampshire, the competition begins to move so quickly - and it will move even more quickly in this front-loaded year - that most Americans never have the access New Hampshirites view as their birthright.
Where not so long ago the New England urbanite bought a vacation home on a lake in central New Hampshire or southern Maine, he now forsakes the crowded, expensive resort areas for the pristine woods of the North Country - from Vermont's Northeast Kingdom through Coos County of New Hampshire to northern Maine.
The Family Favorites' award program recognizes those places, people and things that make New Hampshire a great place to raise a family," said Melanie Hitchcock, editor of Parenting New Hampshire.
The annual event is presented by the New Hampshire Division of Economic Development, the Business and Industry Association of New Hampshire, the New Hampshire Manufacturing Extension Partnership and the New Hampshire High Technology Council.
We were in the process of completing the investment phase of the fund and needed to find replacement financing for our subscription facility since it is a value-add fund" said James Hanson, president and CEO of Hampshire Real Estate Co.
The September race at New Hampshire turned out to be the deciding event in the Chase.
I'm president of Hampshire because somewhere in my early career I stumbled on the reality of sharing resources, which seems pretty simple.
The Forest Service has acquired approximately 4,500 acres of inholdings in the White Mountain National Forest for about $1 million, and is now in the process of purchasing from New Hampshire a conservation easement on the Nash Stream tract for the remaining $4 million.
Mayo, president of Cambridge Trust Company of New Hampshire, helped design the most recent innovations in New Hampshire trust law.
A panel of experts and opinion leaders in the housing field will explore the current state of housing in New Hampshire and its impact on the state's economy and communities.
The Hampshire Self Storage Fund recently completed construction on and opened Storage Post/Watchung--a 98,850 square foot self-storage facility project on Route 22, adjacent to the Watchung Commons Shopping Center in Watchung, New Jersey.
In the late 1970s, Hampshire operated out of a cramped Hollywood storefront, perpetually on the lookout for aggressive vice squad detectives.
The numbers are significant in New Hampshire, which the report indicates has a larger and more rapidly growing share of the older population.
A new advisory board has been created for the New Hampshire Scholars program, which encourages students to enroll in a challenging course curriculum, shown to be an indicator of successful performance in post-secondary education and the workplace.
There's been talk for years about giving Hampshire Road motorists long-sought relief from traffic congestion.
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