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Babylonian king who codified the laws of Sumer and Mesopotamia (died 1750 BC)


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The information provided by the Ur family archives and the Code of Hammurapi match the results of both network chart and ethnographic analyses on the Ur family sociology.
Attested thirty-day month lengths, based on economic and/or administrative texts, were collected by them from the reigns of Hammurapi, Samsuiluna, Ammiditana, and Ammiditana.
A case in point is Babylon, the great imperial city which first came to prominence under the famous King Hammurapi (1792-50 BC in the conventional chronology).
Sibilants in the Old Babylonian Texts of Hammurapi and of the Governors in Qattunan.
There is also a good example in Arthur Ungnad's Babylonian Letters of the Hammurapi Period (Philadelphia: The University Museum, 1915), 27.
187-224), including hymns, epics, incantations, dialogues, riddles, proverbs, love-lyrics, funeral texts, letters to gods, and even a royal inscription of Ipiq-Istar of Malgium and of the prologue to the Codex Hammurapi.
The so-called Middle Hana period includes kings who called themselves "King of Hana," including Iddin-Kakka, Ishar-Lim, Iggid-Lim, Isih-Dagan, and Hammurapi.
The king is not only commissioned in the carrying out of justice as, for example, in the Codex Hammurapi, but actually receives legal judgments from YHWH.