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flesh of a saltwater fish similar to sea bass

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Hammour explained that the sense of a historic and traditional environment comes from an area, not from one building.
The offshore development will produce hammour, subaiti and seabream.
The amount will be used to finance the public budget deficit as well as education development projects, including the German-Jordan University, Abu Hammour said.
Jordan's Finance Minister Mohammad Abu Hammour, who took part in the G8 finance ministers meeting today in the Mediterranean port of Marseille, said in a statement to Jordan News Agency that this financial aid will support economic, and political reform programs in these countries and would reinforce democracy and the welfare of Arab societies.
Mohammad Abu Hammour told Reuters the additional sum beyond the 6.
Jordanian Finance Minister Mohammad Abu Hammour told the conference about the type of economic issues caused by the instability.
A special menu is prepared for each day with a variety of dishes such as Som tam Thai salad and Tom yam kung soup as starters, Thai duck red curry or saute fillet of hammour fish with fresh chilli and garlic for the main course, and special sticky sweet rice with mango as dessert, together with many other options that suit all tastes.
Four ministers from the outgoing government retained their portfolios in the new Cabinet, including Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh, Interior Minister Saad Srour and Finance Minister Muhammad Abu Hammour.
He has left intact an economic and financial team that oversees IMF-guided reform, led by Finance Minister Mohammad Abu Hammour, struggling to trim a record $2 billion budget deficit.
Simsek will be received by Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri and meet Lebanese Finance Minister Raya al-Hassan and Jordanian Finance Minister Mohammad Abu Hammour.
Abu Hammour Jordan was offering good incentives to Kuwaiti investors,
A special Easter menu is also on offer at Al Samadi CafE[umlaut] which including a welcome mocktail, a selection of hot and cold mezze, a choice of either beef steak with mushroom sauce or hammour fillet with sauce meuniere plus a selection of Al Samadi sweets, tea, coffee and gourmet chocolates at only AED 185 for two people.
BASRA / Aswat al-Iraq: An Academic warned on Wednesday of the extinction of Hammour fish in the Iraqi territorial water and in the Gulf.
Abu Hammour said that his ministry had set up panels for appraising the feasibility of borrowing through the issuance of Islamic bonds, the sukuk.
Recent developments in macroeconomics by Caballero and Hammour, Bernanke and Gertler, and others, gave a better understanding of why this view was fallacious.