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(music) an electronic simulation of a pipe organ

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The Hammond Organ Reed Factory housing complex will be paid for in part by grants and assistance from city, state and federal programs, as well as private funding sources such as the MassHousing's Affordable Housing Trust Fund.
Formed in August 1998, they excel at laying down those scorching Hammond organ grooves from the Sixties and Seventies with a modern twist.
The band have always admitted the Hammond organ line was inspired by the Johann Sebastian Bach's Sleepers Awake and Air On A G String, but disputed who was responsible for its re-working.
Nice Hammond organ work makes the first song on the album sampler, You Don't Miss What You Never Had, stand out as a strong radio track.
Hammond organ specialist Joanne Naulls, from Gainsborough, is the guest of the David Hamilton Organ Society, on Thursday, August 18.
The Joey de Francesco Trio (JJB) will take the stand on Tuesday for an evening of Hammond organ jazz and Wednesday sees a return of the Andy Prior Big Band (JJB).
Auger's keyboard playing is well to the fore here, particularly his expertise on the Hammond organ.
I once heard our National Anthem played on a Hammond Organ and it came over as the sweetest tune.
A tireless charity worker, he sold his own Hammond Organ for pounds 1,000, with the proceeds going to Llandough Hospital's child cancer charity, Latch.
A top soul-jazz organist, Smith revolutionized the Hammond organ, and his collaborations with Kenny Burrell, Lee Morgan and Lou Donaldson for the Blue Note label are beloved hard-bop classics.
Previously, she's toured in a trio with just Hammond organ and bass, so maybe this is what to expect at Warwick Arts Centre next Tuesday.
In her younger days, Mrs Dutton, 84 - who learned to play the piano when she was seven - accompanied well-known artists on the Hammond Organ in a Huddersfield club.
Incorporating hammond organ, Afro-Cuban drums and gospel choirs, she has allowed her mellow side to shine on tracks such as Sweet The Sting.
Band founder James Taylor's Hammond organ is legendary in the music world.
With Sam herself on Hammond organ, brother Pete on guitar and stepbrother Richard on drums, it was like Family Fortunes up on stage.