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(music) an electronic simulation of a pipe organ

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Oh Saint Lucy, I can't find the place where I need to be/ Oh, Saint Lucy, lend your eyes to me," Curtis sings over the whirl of a Hammond B3 organ.
The 88 key "Playola" system was re-engineered into two units specifically for the Hammond B3 organ.
The New York native and longtime Houston resident is joined on the recording by his Hammond Organ Band-veteran guitarist Clayton Dyess; bassist Thomas Helton; the young pianist Jose-Miguel Yamal, who also plays Hammond B3 organ on several tracks; and Larry's son Joe Slezak on drums.
A booming drumbeat and twirly Hammond B3 organ chords stir up ghosts while Marshall's smoky voice casts a haunting, hypnotic spell.
The late Jimmy Smith dragged the Hammond B3 organ out of the ice-skating rink and onto the jazz stage.
The modern master of the Hammond B3 organ, Joey DeFrancesco expands his band with a few guests (like Kevin Eubanks and Pat Martino on guitars) and features the unusual voice of Joe Doggs.
His mother, who went by the stage name Bobbie Lee, played Hammond B3 organ professionally in her own groups in the early '60s.
In June, QRSM announced the introduction of the "Psalmist," an automatic player system designed for the Hammond B3 organ, one of the most popular organs in the Hammond line.
While playing the Hammond B3 organ, with its dual keyboards and array of bass pedals, Larry Goldings aims for a different sound than the instrument's soul-jazz forebears.
Brother Jack McDuff - The Best Of The Concord Years (Concord CCD2-2171-2) Ever wondered what the Mission Impossible theme would sound like with a Hammond B3 organ and a hard-swinging rhythm team?
The 88-key "Playola" system was re-engineered into two units specifically for the Hammond B3 organ.
Carol plays Hammond B3 organ Wurlitzer piano, acoustic piano and accordion, as well as penny whistle, recorder and percussion,' explains Emily.
This 13-track compilation proves that the Hammond B3 organ is alive and well.
This vast library, when combined with the proven performance of the Pianomation(TM) MIDI system, will fill any church with the true sound of their Hammond B3 organ.
The same magic plants a jaunty Hammond B3 organ solo by Nat in Natalie's upbeat reading of ``Let's Face the Music and Dance.