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(music) an electronic simulation of a pipe organ

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That band -- guitarist Charlie Sexton, multi-instrumentalist Larry Campbell, bassist Tony Garnier, and drummer David Kemper, augmented by Sir Douglas Quintet alum Augie Meyers on vox organ, Hammond B3, and accordion -- is having a great time on this 12-song set, and nobody is rocking any more than 60-year old Bob himself.
Barbara plays the Hammond B3 and is as funky as they get.
Cohen on stage are Roscoe Beck (bass, vocals), Neil Larsen (keyboards & Hammond B3 accordion), Bob Metzger (electric, acoustic & pedal steel guitar), Javier Mas (bandurria, laud, archilaud, 12 string acoustic guitar), Rafael Gayol (drums, percussion), Dino Soldo (sax, clarinet dobro - keys).
uk Sunday: The organ's the thing at Stratford Jazz with Pedalmania, comprising John-Paul Gard on the big Hammond B3, Ben Waghorn on saxophone and Eddie John on drums.
It also sells digital pianos by Yamaha and Casio, as well as vintage Hammond B3 gospel church organs.
Keyboardist John Bianchi has a degree in music, teaches music in the Worcester public schools, and is a wizard on the Hammond B3 organ.
Credit Hammond B3 organist Robert Waller and guitarist Will Bernard with digging a deep, greasy groove.
DOSS is all instrumentals, with a Hammond B3 organ up front, giving it a Meters kind of feel (and RIP Jimmy Smith, speaking of Hammond B3s and soul).
The background orchestration usually includes drum set, mallet percussion and sometimes a Hammond B3 organ, brass, guitar, synth/strings and so forth.
Oh Saint Lucy, I can't find the place where I need to be/ Oh, Saint Lucy, lend your eyes to me," Curtis sings over the whirl of a Hammond B3 organ.
For a long while Steve has been the partner of jazz composer, bandleader and keyboard player Carla Bley, and while he is usually a member of her bands, on Saturday evening at the CBSO Centre in Birmingham she is the Hammond B3 organist in the Steve Swallow Quintet.
The four discs span 1967-77, but, save for nine songs, the music concentrates on the years 1967-73, when Hammond B3 organs and wah-wah guitars rang loud and proud throughout the land.
And Colorado's best-known purveyors of "polyethnic Cajun slamgrass" also have added Bill McKay (Derek Trucks Band) on Hammond B3 and piano, Seattle's Jose Martinez on drums and Greg Garrison (Matt Flinner Quartet, the Motet) on bass.
Cohen's current band features Sharon Robinson and the Webb Sisters (background vocals), Roscoe Beck (musical director & bass), Neil Larsen (keyboards & Hammond B3 accordion), Bob Metzger (electric, acoustic & pedal steel guitar), Javier Mas (bandurria, laud, archilaud, 12-string acoustic guitar), Rafael Gayol (drums, percussion), Dino Soldo (sax, clarinet, dobro, keys).
As a young man, Ron was an accomplished Hammond B3 keyboardist and member of several well known local bands.