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United States professional baseball player who hit more home runs than Babe Ruth (born in 1934)

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Now it looks like Hammerin' Hank has hit another homer, this time as an auto dealer for Bavarian Motor Works (BMW).
The April 5 issue of SI (on newsstands March 31) features a special 50th Anniversary editorial section highlighting Illinois with a six-page feature on the state, including a story on the tradition of the Chicago Golden Gloves and former SI senior writer William Nack writes on the thrill of going to Wrigley to watch the Hammerin' Hank (Sauer).
It also remains to be seen whether commissioner Bud Selig will be in attendance when Bonds passes Hammerin' Hank.
It's the question of the new baseball season, which opens with the embattled Bonds on 703 homers, 12 from beating the Babe and 53 from passing Hammerin' Hank.
Hammerin' Hank Aaron is the 33rd Georgian to be honored as a recipient of the Shining Light Award.
Just then the scout caught himself and smiled, recognizing the absurdity of it all: the old man's question, the large contingent of pro scouts watching such a young prospect and, most of all, Young himself, the immensely talented baseball player who was standing on the mound looking like a modern-day Hammerin' Hank and throwing the ball like the second coming of Bob Gibson.