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designated paved area beside a main road where cars can stop temporarily

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We knew Oxford were going to hammer off the start but we kept pounding down the straights.
Automatic shutoff feature turns the hammer off when no material is beneath it, preventing blank firing and extending hammer life
A Home Depot store, on industrial-zoned land owned by John Hammer off 42nd Street in east Springfield.
Armagh's Patrick McKeever saw his goal-bound shot hammer off the crossbar seconds later but almost imeddiately Down cut through the Armagh defence and it needed a last gasp save from goal keeper Breaty to foil Brendan Coulter.
I took the hammer off her, she went to the ground and I hit her on the back with the hammer.
He denied having a knife with him and claimed to have tried to take the hammer off Njie.
Chatterton became angry and aggressive, grabbed a hammer off his truck and attacked him with it.
We knew they were going to hammer off and we had to stick to our guns.
He swung his arm and struck the hammer off the rear of the windscreen to smash it.
Mr Ormston took the hammer off him and told him not to come back.
They include the following: auto shut off (ASO)--this turns the hammer off when no material is present beneath it; new accumulator design--provides an easy access port allows the user to check and recharge the accumulator without removing the hammer from the machine; screw adjustment for pressure control valve--allows adjustment of the pressure control valve without removing it from the hammer power cell; improved operating cycle--provides increased power and higher blow frequency; full length wear plates on all four sides of the inner housing--to increase guidance and stability.
It also has the traditional safety notch that holds the hammer off the primer, but that doesn't mean you can carry a live round under the hammer.
Mr Williams said: ``As I approached he (the defendant) said that if I tried to get the hammer off him, he would f.
They lift the hammer off the bell - officially the part called Big Ben - to stop it striking between midnight and 2am.