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a group of languages in northern Africa related to Semitic

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The Fulani languages, which are similar in structure to those of Sere, Wolof and Biafada, are linked by these anomalous structural features with the Bantu languages, thus proving that the basic structure of the Fulfulde, the Fulani language, was of Negroid origin diluted with Hamitic modes of thought and expression (84).
He further notes that it is inconceivable that Abraham would tell his servant to go to Ur Kasdim to find a suitable mate for Isaac, because its inhabitants--the Chaldeans--were Hamitic and are therefore unsuitable to intermarry with the family of Abraham who were of Semitic descent.
The Belgian colonists monopolized important political offices for the Tutsi on the basis of the Hamitic hypothesis.
On the civilizational capability there was either no link to Egypt because such a link would only add credence to the decadence of civilization and the validity of the Hamitic (and by extension African American) curse or there was separation from an enslaving European-like ancient Egyptian civilization and thus identification with Jewish enslavement and thus anti-ancient Egyptian sentiment.
Moreover, the narrative 's conclusion reveals Chesnutt 's anxiety over the post-Reconstruction reclaiming by black churches of Hamitic identity, a move that suggested to him a voluntary, self-destructive re-assumption of slavery 's chains.
Hamitic peoples travelled south from the Caucasus region from whence the whole earth was repopulated.
Diedonne Gnammankou (Paris--Independent Scholar), "Abraham Petrovitch Hanibal: Deconstruction of the Hamitic Theory and Its Consequences"
Western Africa appears in Bedford's chronology only long enough to reiterate its location within the tradition of Hamitic descent, and western Africa as specifically of Phut's progeny.
Henry Morris, director of the Creation Research Institute, claimed that the Hamitic races are inherently limited by consequences of Noah's curse.
Scarecrow Press, 1978); Edith Sanders, "The Hamitic Hypothesis: Its Origin and Functions in Time Perspective," Journal of African History 10 (1969): 521-32; David Goldenberg, The Curse of Ham: Race and Slavery in Early Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (Princeton: Princeton Univ.
Language Group Allele Europoid Between-Group Frequency Features * Contact ** Bantu: Eastern High + With Nilotic Bantu: Western Moderate ++ Little to none Hamitic Low +++ Little to none Nilotic High + With Eastern Bantu Pygmoid Very High 0 Little to none * Europoid Features = the degree to which researchers believed that the tribal people within a language group exhibited Caucasian-like characteristic (height, head shape, skin color, etc.
The immediately preceding people, whom Leir has conquered, are in Paxson's treatment the Hamitic group who moved up from North Africa through Spain.
Whereas the Hutu-Tutsi division in pre-colonial times had been rooted in culture, wealth, and power, Belgian rulers--following the so-called Hamitic hypothesis (4)--began to use race to justify Tutsi supremacy.
Consequently, it ignored the fact that the Canaanites were a "Semitic," not a Hamitic people.