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beef that has been ground

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Cut saturated fat and calories by trimming visible fat from steaks, using lean hamburger meat and removing skin from chicken before barbecuing.
And still, Americans sell big cars with wrong side drive, equipment not measured to the metric system, appliances not adapted to lower voltage and frequency requirements, office equipment without kanji capabilities, clothes not cut to fill the smaller Japanese body, hamburger meat that isn't fatty, and catsup that doesn't run.
With so many variations of meat products on the market, you just can't find hamburger meat or a cut of steak that is as healthy for you, while still providing great flavor, like you can with Chisholm Trail beef," said Crawford.
Sometimes the hamburger meat is a little raw and all the cafeteria has is mostly just junk food like pizza and burgers.
90 per 500g bag, the product does not actually contain hamburger meat.
Many people started paying increased attention to meat safety following the infamous 1993 incident in which several children in the Northwest died after eating hamburger meat infected with E-coli.
Adding cherries to hamburger meat retards spoilage and reduces the formation of suspected cancer-causing compounds known as HAAs (heterocyclic aromatic amines), according to researchers at Michigan State University (Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station, 109 Agricultural Hall, E.
It picked up the 0157:H7 from raw hamburger meat that had sat on the same plate.
Dutch bosses vetoed 60 tonnes of hamburger meat, which contained 18 tonnes of British beef.
Fine aerosol emissions from charbroiling of regular hamburger meat are higher than from charbroiling extra-lean meat, which in turn are much higher than the emissions from frying the same amount of hamburger," the researchers write in the June ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (ES&T).
Sachs said: "I've heard people describe it as looking like raw hamburger meat.
Shorty Small's free burger offer is limited to one free burger per table, with no additional purchase necessary, and ends on June 10th or when the run out of hamburger meat.
Example: There's a scene where, with Stanley looking on, Weaver's warden paints her fingernails with rattlesnake venom and then proceeds to wallop Voight with a roundhouse that turns his face into hamburger meat.
That's because the McLean is the only fast food burger that's made from truly lean hamburger meat.