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a militant Islamic fundamentalist political movement that opposes peace with Israel and uses terrorism as a weapon

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Periodically during the conflict, Hamas was able to send some militants into Israel itself.
According to an IDF senior commander, Hamas saw the advantage of using the civilian people as human shields.
Gary Weiss, another investigative reporter, refers to journalists working for American news outlets as "part of the Hamas war machine .
The first is that Hamas is proving its worth to its supporters and paymasters.
So, the assets of Hamas could have been utilized to educate the Palestinian youths.
Morsi's removal wasquicklyfollowed by media reports linking Hamas to the surge in militancy in the Sinai Peninsula, claims which were denied byDeputy Head of Hamas's political bureau Ismail Haniyeh.
Hamas is a Sunni group that is the Muslim Brotherhood organization in Palestine.
Iran had dramatically reduced its financial aid to Hamas after the Islamist group refused to support the Syrian regime led by Bashar Al Assad.
After the 27-member body labeled Hamas a terror entity in 2003, it was tasked with guarding against Hamas visits to Europe and political relations with the radical Sunni group in Gaza.
He said that in his talks with senior leaders of militant Hamas, including Hanieh, he addressed "the need to end the division between Palestinians.
Following Hamas' victory in the Palestinian legislative elections of [January] 2006 and the Islamists' takeover in Gaza the following year, Hamas became Egypt's neighbour.
While Hamas factors all of these players into its political calculation, it is also liable to its commitment to its Palestinian constituency as incorruptible, uncompromising and committed to resistance.
Meshaal has been leading the political wing of Hamas since 1996.
The Hamas figure said the understanding was reached between Western-backed Abbas and Khaled Meshaal, chief of the Islamic militant Hamas, during one-on-one talks last week.
The euphoria of the Hamas gunmen was not reflected elsewhere on Gaza's deserted streets.