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The most rigorous test of the hypothesized major trends in angiosperm wood evolution will be realized through comprehensive cladistic analyses that include wood anatomical characters among the suite of characters used in the analysis (Herendeen, work in progress), but preliminary insights can emerge from an examination of the distribution of several wood anatomical characters in families of Magnoliidae and "lower" Hamamelididae against current cladistic hypotheses of their interrelationships.
Phylogenetic relationships among families of Magnoliidae and "lower" Hamamelididae have been investigated by Lammers et al.
As a means of objectively evaluating the evolutionary history of wood features among families of Magnoliidae and lower Hamamelididae we defined selected characters in a context appropriate for cladistic analyses (Table IV) and scored the families for these characters (Table V) based on the descriptive data in Table III.