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Dutch portrait and genre painter who endowed his portraits with vitality and humor (1580?-1666)


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I started reading YA authors--Robert Cormier, Francesca Lia Block, and Laurie Halse Anderson to name just a few--and knew right away I was in the right place--a place where teens get a voice, where real YA issues are spliced open and explored.
Edward Halse, head of Warwick School in Myton Road, Warwick, said: "At this stage of the year our upper sixth students have already received offers of places at the most prestigous universities in this country and they all deserve congratulations.
The Waterwheelers, who were missing several players, produced a below par performance, though Scott Davies, Tom Ansen, Alex Cunnick, Joshua Halse, Aled Jones, Barlow, Shane Kinsella, Adam Jones and Owen Davies all tried their hardest.
Edward Halse, head of all-boy selective Warwick School in Myton Road, Warwick, says the sooner the government gets rid of the annual performance tables, the better.
This season's captain, Joshua Halse, passed over the mantle to Scott Davies.
Bengt Halse, CEO of Saab, said: - "Whilst we believe we have adequately provided against the downside risk for our regional aircraft, recognizing the time scales over which this activity must be assessed, and the cyclicality of this activity it is prudent to draw a line under our exposure in this way.
The bike's rider, Simon David George, aged 37, from Woodford Halse, Daventry, was pronounced dead at the scene outside the Lion House, in Welsh Road East, Southam.
Attending the opening of the new science centre (from left) minister of state for science and innovation Ian Pearson, head of Warwick School Ed Halse and students Myles Furnace and Ben Phillips, both aged 17.
But the inquest also heard that Miss Wintersgill, from Woodford Halse, in Northamptonshire, had apparently been unsettled by a road rage attack.
Head teacher Edward Halse said: "At a time when some commentators are decrying A-levels, I applaud our boys and teachers for their efforts.
Jacqui McShee's current line-up of Pentangle will headline the Eve-of-Cropredy Festival concert on Wednesday at the Woodford Halse Social Club, near Daventry.
Edward Halse, head teacher of the fee-paying school, said the system wasn't there to tackle truancy but as an administrative tool.
Team Manager Michele Halse added: "We've such potential and a it's a brilliant atmosphere to be involved in" Lady of match was Melissa Clay, while try scorers were Amie Stevens, Nerys Lloyd and Jade Mullen.
He recently appeared as judge Reverend Halse in the BBC's remake of the Poldark story and says: "Playing Ross Poldark was a very significant part of my life; it has had only a positive effect and was an absolute joy.