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plant growing naturally in very salty soil

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Although previous studies have found that germination of halophytes can occur in a variety of salinities, many halophytic species favour conditions where NaCl concentration is less than that of seawater (600 mM) and require optimal temperatures for successful germination (Khan and Ungar 1984).
Alternate-Fueled Flight: Halophytes, Algae, Bio-, and Synthetic Fuels, 1-23 (2007).
KARACHI -- The Institute of Sustainable Halophyte Utilization (ISHU), University of Karachi, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Iqra University, said an official of the University of Karachi on Sunday.
Thus, facultative halophytes like quinoa may balance their turgor by compartmentalizing Na+ and Cl- in cell vacuoles of shoot and produce compatible solutes just for cytosolic osmotic adjustment (Flowers and Colmer, 2008; Shabala and Mackay, 2011).
An increase in catalase activity has been shown as a measure of antioxidant defense in halophytes (Lokhande et al.
The US university has also been supporting Masdar Institute with knowledge transfer in halophyte agriculture.
This is common for both halophytes and other species that colonize similar environments.
These methods can be applied in seashore paspalum and other halophytes," continued Kellogg.
The second half of the book provides helpful and engaging descriptions of geographical features such as animals, halophytes and crusts, birds, geology, rocks, minerals, atmospherics, trees, and flowers.
Halophytes are generally defined as rooted seed-bearing plants that grow in a wide variety of saline habitats from saline prone area.
Their neatly plotted rows of naturally salt-tolerant plants, known as halophytes, could be a part of the answer.
The natural vegetation along the shore of Lake Urmia is dominated by halophytes such as Salsola spp.