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plant growing naturally in very salty soil

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KARACHI -- The Institute of Sustainable Halophyte Utilization (ISHU), University of Karachi and Agri-Kraft Farm (AKF) Lahore have inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).
Mathur N, Singh J, Bohra S, Vyas A (2007) Arbuscular mycorrhizal status of medicinal halophytes in saline areas of Indian Thar Desert.
The project will captures nutrient value by using effluent to irrigate halophytes and mangroves, which have the potential to generate bioenergy.
Physiological significance of morpho-anatomical features of halophytes with particular reference to Cholistan Flora.
In the coming year, SBRC scientists will create a test ecosystem by planting two crops of halophytes in Abu Dhabi's sandy soil.
Antimicrobial compounds from marine halophytes for silkworm disease treatment.
2011 Adaptation of glycohyte and halophyte fodder crops to the Saline Soils of Harran Plain and their amendatory effects on physico-chemical characateristics of soil.
The SRBC scientists are set to create a test ecosystem by planting two crops of halophytes in Abu Dhabi's sandy soil.
This strip of halophytes represents the birth of a fourth marsh at Northwick Warth.
The saltwater is used to cultivate sea-loving plants, halophytes, as well as algae, which could be used for large-scale bio-energy production.
Restoring assemblages of salt marsh halophytes in the presence of a rapidly colonizing dominant species.
Marsh vegetation consists, for the most part, of succulent halophytes such as Saliroi nia.
Mangroves are facultative halophytes, which means they tolerate exposure to salt, and can grow near salt water.
Soil landforms of the WallatinO'Brien catchment (based on Bettenay and Hingston 1964) Soil landform Soil landform description Baandee Ancient drainage zone Belka Broad flat alluvial (upper) valley floor (mainly 'sandier' soils) Booraan Upper dissected valley slopes Collgar Lower valley slopes Danberrin Irregular low hills and gentle slopes with granite outcrops Merredin Broad flat alluvial (lower) valley floor (mainly 'heavier' soils) Rocky hills Steeper hills with large areas of granite outcrop Ulva Remnants of lateritic sandplain % of soil Soil Dominant native landform landform vegetation in catchment Baandee Halophytes 3.
Halophytes can be highly productive sources of biomass energy, thrive in arid land and can be irrigated with sea water, making them suitable for biofuel development.