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a compound in which the hydrogen atoms of a hydrocarbon have been replaced by bromine and other halogen atoms

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This report reviews progress that has been made in the military, civil aviation, merchant shipping, oil and gas production, and explosion suppression sectors to reduce the need for halons in fire protection systems, and assesses the current state of cooperative or individual arrangements to ensure adequate stocks of halons to meet future needs.
The trouble is that, while replacements for halons now exist for nearly all other applications, these chemicals remain essential for aircraft safety.
The Montreal Protocol states that such countries will have to freeze halon consumption by January 2002, reducing consumption by 50 percent by January 2005, and totally phasing out halon use by January 2010.
Laws phasing out the production of Halon and taxing its use are making the tough job of a security manager even tougher.
Similarly, beginning in 1991, the tax is imposed on halons, including halons contained in fire extinguishers held for sale.
If nations continue to reduce their use of halons as they have in recent years, the gas concentrations could level off and start dropping as early as 1994, say the researchers.
As a fire-fighting agent, halon was a breakthrough discovery.
The Swedish Defense Forces now consider that Halotron II successfully fulfilled their technical requirements to replace Halon 1301.
With CFC 113 and the halons, says Fay, the answer to the upcoming limitations may lie in efficient recycling.
Gibson concluded that "these arrangements are for the distribution and sale of Halotron I, and are not directly related to the sale and distribution of Halotron II, our product designed to replace Halon 1301, with respect to which we announced important and successful test results on June 7, 1993.
The Mutual Cooperation Agreement represents the pooling of unique skills and market positions of the three firms that is intended to accelerate the pace at which the environmentally friendly Halotron(TM) products are employed in the replacement of ozone-depleting halons in the maritime industry.
American Pacific is a specialty chemical company that produces perchlorates, including chiefly ammonium perchlorate -- the oxidizer component of solid rocket propellants employed in space flight and defense systems; sodium azide -- the principal inflation chemical in automotive airbag safety systems; and Halotron(TM) fire suppression agents -- replacements for ozone-depleting halons in fire extinguishment systems.
At a meeting in Helsinki last month, these nations adopted a declaration calling for a complete phase-out of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) by the year 2000, and for a ban on the use of very destructive compounds called halons as soon as feasible.
The new agreement requires participating nations to end production of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and halons by the end of the century, whereas the 1987 protocol called for a 50 percent cut in CFC production and a freeze on halon production by 2000.
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