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any of five related nonmetallic elements (fluorine or chlorine or bromine or iodine or astatine) that are all monovalent and readily form negative ions

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Halogen bonding is directly related to electron donation of lewis bases to halogen atoms and can be defined as the non- covalent interaction of halogens with halogens or lewis bases [14-16].
These include dimmable versions of the candle, stick and spiral energy-saving light bulbs, plus dimmable versions of the newer lookalike bulbs (shaped like the traditional bulbs) and halogen spotlights.
As a safety measure, halogens are added to organic materials as a fire retardant.
So, one might ask, why should the industry continue activity to limit halogens in laminate materials if TBBPA is acceptable from both a health and environmental perspective?
Reducing toxic materials: GE is developing more easily recycled polymers with no halogens and fewer heavy-metal pigments than, for example, traditional wire coating.
The mystery element commonly combines with halogens.
Tungsten halogen lights are more energy efficient than ordinary incandescents but are also costly to use and present safety issues.
Recent experiments have begun identifying oxidizing gases, such as ozone and molecules containing the halogens bromine and chlorine, as triggers for that mercury fallout.
Active halogens--Active halogens also have been used to assist the inert (nitrogen, argon) gas in achieving greater degassing efficiency.
When and where halogens are worth the extra three bucks.
3M developed new ECM versions that exclude the use of halogen compounds without sacrificing performance in response to industry concerns over the environmental effects of halogens.
Still, I figured I'm not the only assembly engineer who has forgotten more than they remember about basic chemistry, so this month's lesson learned is more or less a gearhead's guide to halogens and halides, with a quick flashback to your high school chem class.
As with antimony trioxide, halogens are usually required for the additive to function.
The special environmentally clean formulation of Isodamp C8002 is expected to be especially important to companies designing products for Japan and other applications where halogens and other substances are excluded.
In a comparative analysis, you will explore the effectiveness of halogens, nonhalogens, phosphorus, and synergists as flame retardant additives and reactives for thermoplastics, engineering thermoplastics, polymer blends and alloys, and thermosets.