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any of five related nonmetallic elements (fluorine or chlorine or bromine or iodine or astatine) that are all monovalent and readily form negative ions

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It is designed to be a cost effective alternative to the use of halogens (chlorine), for water disinfection in either single pass or re-circulating systems.
As a safety measure, halogens are added to organic materials as a fire retardant.
Tungsten halogen lights are more energy efficient than ordinary incandescents but are also costly to use and present safety issues.
Working in Barrow, on the north-central coast of Alaska, Lindberg and his colleagues correlated the buildup of these halogens during the Arctic spring with a dramatic, localized depletion of elemental mercury in the air.
There are concerns about both acid corrosivity in smoke that can affect electrical systems and about the higher smoke density observed with halogens versus phosphorus compounds, which can obscure vision.
The additives include antimony oxide, halogens, phosphorous, alumina trihydrate and various fillers.
Elemental halogens have seven valence electrons and are very reactive.
Upcoming 2005 regulatory actions are expected to have a significant impact on the electronic ballast market, resulting in increased usage of electronic fluorescent, compact fluorescent, halogen and high-intensity discharge technologies.
Although some of these arguments are fostering substitutions of phosphorus for halogen systems, in many cases plastics processors are finding that combinations of the two are most cost-effective and help minimize the drawbacks of either.
Halogens will continue to make inroads into incandescent lamp market share in both building and vehicular applications, posting strong growth through 2009.
Market Analysis III-14 Halogen Bulb Usage in Canadian Households III-14 Government to Relax Light Bulb Regulations, Allow Sales of Less efficient Halogens III-14 B.
CR also found that while many HID lights tested were among the better performers, even the best didn't outdistance the best halogens.
The RMS technology enhances the disinfection properties of halogens (chlorine) at reduced levels and is positioned to be a cost effective, stand alone alternative to halogens in many markets where traditional disinfection methodologies are currently being employed.
While we had never experienced a problem, we learned of safety hazards associated with halogen lamps, and decided to ban the use of halogens.