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Synonyms for Hallowmas

a Christian feast day honoring all the saints

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Judeo-Christian Mystery Play: John Bender explains the liturgical, seasonal implications of the play's performance at Hallowmas, when one could invoke judgment against oppressors, discover true love, and eliminate winter by "ritual divinations" like the masque.
The Roman Catholic Church made November 1 a holiday to honour all the saints, called All Saints Day or Hallowmas or All Hallows.
All Hallows Eve is followed on November 1 by All Hallows Day, also called All Hallowmas, All Saints' Day and All Souls Day.
When Christianity displaced Wicca in the British Isles, Samhain became Hallowmas, the celebration of the saints, the hallowed ones.
All Saints' Day, originally known as Hallowmas, has its origins in the many and varied local church remembrances of their dead.