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the evening before All Saints' Day

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Quadro 1: Associacoes de legumes e frutas Abobora Percentual Roca e fazenda 60% Festa de hallowen 30% Cinderela 10% Morango Percentual Sensualidade 35% Apple 40% Doces 25% Fonte: Autor Quadro 2: Associacoes com produtos Automoveis Percentual General Motors 28% Hyundai 25% Ford 24% Fiat 16% Renault 7% Refrigerantes Percentual Coca-Cola 70% Fanta 15% Outras marcas sem grande representativa 15% Fonte: Autor Quadro 4: Arquetipos de paises Pais Arquetipo Japao Tecnologia reconhecida mundial e historicamente, associada a carros, cameras, aparelhos de teve, motocicletas, eletronicos, relogios, computadores, brinquedos.
Romanians have taken many holidays and traditions from foreigners, like Valentine's Day or Hallowen and the main reason is the financial one, because these two, together with Martisor (1st of March) develop around them a mini--industry, through buying crafts, trinkets, gifts, costumes, etc
The Creaky Cauldron at Henley Street has been rated as one of the top Hallowen experiences in the country and the Victorian Imagiscarium has been reaching new heights this year with seven different tales of terror.
Tambien relata acciones conjuntas alrededor de la fiesta: "los vecinos son bastante unidos, cuando hay que representar el barrio se unen, por ejemplo ahora para hallowen, para las decoraciones de cada epoca, son muy unidos".
The competition will help launch a month of fun activities throughout next month to celebrate Hallowen, based around 'weird and wonderful sea monsters' of the ocean.